4 ways to finish a contract

Posted on 16/05/2019

A contract is a legal document made between two parts, forced to comply with some responsibilities. This document can be used when you buy a business, when you have a business society, when you acquire a franchise or lease or provisions contracts.


Obviously, things do not always work as expected, right now you can be thinking a way to finish your business contract. In this article, we want to name you four different ways to end a contract.

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The most common reason to finish a contract is the foul of fulfillmentfrom any of the parts. The breach is presented when the responsibilities are not done on time.


When you sign a contract, you must establish the responsibilities for each part, for example, the periodic payment of royalties. If these values are not paid on time, you can consider it as a reason to finish the contract.


When you start the business establish the breach clauses and consequences into the contract. That is to say, the retribution for the damages caused by the non-compliance.

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Another reason to finish a contract is rescission. A rescission happens when signing the contract, any part was presented itself inadequately and acted illegally or with documental fouls.


Also, a rescission happens when data or important elements are hidden on the document, for example, if after signing a business purchase contract, you note that the seller hid important data such as debts or damages in the business, you can apply the rescission of the contract.


A contract can also finish by mutual agreement, when both parts are willing to finish the contract without fines or extra consequences. In this case, you must make a document to establishing the conditions of termination.

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Finally, a contract finishes when it finishes. Renewing is not always necessary, so, when all the responsibilities specified on the contract are executed, you can finish the relationship. We recommend you make a document with the necessary information to show the fulfillment of the contract.


Remember, a contract is not a chain that always ties you to the other part, if there is no great affinity or you think you are not receiving the necessary attention and collaboration to build a successful business, these are the options to finish this type of relationships.

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