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75 best franchises in Colombia

Posted on 28/05/2019

The franchise model is one of the most successful business models in the word. Currently, in Colombia, there are more than 500 franchising brands.


Find here the list of the 75 franchises and micro-franchises with great growth in Colombia.


1. Acium: Surgical steel jewelry

2. Agua inmaculada: Production and commercialization of purified water.

3. Alain Afflelou: Optics.

4. Arepas Café: Elaboration of Corn bread with several fillings.

5. BBC: The largest small brewery in Colombia.

6. Bendito Arroz: Rice with milk with a family recipe.

7. Bodybrite: Treatments and beauty products.

8. Brahma: Clothes, shoes, and accessories.

9. Bricks 4 Kidz: Children's educational games.

10. Burger King: Restaurant with grilled products.

11. Buñuelos Mix: Specialized sale Colombian cultural products.

12. Cabellos Sanos: Treatments for the topic of Pediculosis.

13. Carlove: Automotive paint specialized.

14. Casaletto: Dedicated to the artisan tradition, specializing in sandwiches and light quality food based on cold meats.

15. Century 21: Real estate services brand.

16. Cevichería del Perú: Experts in the famous Peruvian ceviche.

17. Churrisimo: Specialists in the preparation of churros, artisanal paletas, juices, coffee among other products.

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18. CleanNew: Development and application of technology in cleaning concepts.

19. Coldwell Banker: Global Leaders in Real Estate Services.

20. Compramos Casas en Apuros: Independent real estate business.

21. Cosette: Specialty of arrangements in haute couture garments.

22. Decofruta: Dedicated to creating delicious bouquets of edible fruits.

23. Delichurros: Original stuffed churros.

24. Depilarte: Center specialized in laser hair removal.

25. Domino’s Pizza: World leader in the delivery of pizza at home

26. Edupol: Make agreements with prestigious universities to bring quality higher education to different municipalities./font>

27. Empanadas el Machetico: Leading brand specialized in a variety of traditional flavors for Colombian food.

28. ERA: Expense Reduction Analysts. World leader in reducing costs in non-strategic areas.

29. Evercil: Clinics specialized in the application of hair treatments.

30. Explora: Manufacture and marketing of travel products.

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31. Factura Tech: Marketing of electronic products, starting with invoice issuance and receipt packages.

32. Florian Perfume Bar: Development, production, and sale of Perfumes.

33. Fresh Potato: Hot potato chips with differences in presentation and flavor.

34. Frutilandia: Dedicated to the elaboration and sale of fruit salads, and natural juices.

35. Helados Conitos: Production and commercialization of Greek yogurt ice cream.

36. Infopan: Eco-advertising on paper bags.

37. Interdomicilio: Offers services such as cleaning staff, babysitters, elderly care, plumber nurses, and others.

38. Interrapidisimo: Concept of messaging, packing, gathering, etc

39. Jenos Pizza: Leading brand in the pizza category in Colombia.

40. Kids Town: Education during the first 5 years of life.

41. Kumon: Education franchise that using a methodology seeks to encourage children autonomy when studying.

42. La chorizería: Typical restaurant specialized in the grill

43. Lasertam: Laser hair removal with diode technology.

44. Le Bouquet: Luxury flower boutique.

45. LFM: Support in business expansion.

Specialized Services Franchises

46. Llaollao: Healthy, natural and innovative products.

47. Los verdes: Food company served at the table. Fast food, roasts, gratins, light line, artisan and vegetarian.

48. Luz y vida: Health food stores.

49. Maternity Club Spa: Center created for the integral management of women in the prenatal and postpartum period.

50. McDonalds: American fast food restaurants.

51. Menabo: Car accessories.

52. Misty Cream: Artisanal ice cream frozen with liquid nitrogen.

53. MyBike Mobile: First technological platform linked to a fleet of mobile bicycle shops and workshops.

54. Nativos: Company expert in juices, parfaits, and functional foods

55. One Easy Stop: English brand of Logistia.

56. Patatín Patatero: Children's Garden characterized by a warm atmosphere.

57. Perfumes Factory: Innovative franchise in the area of perfumery.

58. Perfumex: Extensive portfolio of perfumery.

59. ProntoWash: Franchise world leader in ecological vehicle washing.

60. Rapidogs: Successful fast food business that offers different alternatives at an economical price.

61. Re/MAX: Real estate agency.

62. RES – Tradicion en carnes: Argentine company with great experience in the meat market.

63. ResforFX: Franchise of technology that reverses the signs of discoloration and paint damage.

64. Servientrega: High impact logistics, packaging, and documentation, etc.

65. Senthia: Unique perfumery and personal care concept in Colombia.

66. Snack Express Vending: Vending Machines, are digital self-service equipment.

67. Subway: Leader in fast, fresh and tasty food.

68. Summer Ice: Distinguished by using a star line, the juices are low in calories and have vitamins.

69. SushiFans: Food orientates franchise.

70. SuperWow: Personal care items for women lipsticks and other cosmetics.

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71. Telepizza: Delivery Pizza.

72. The Pig Lechona Gourmet: Typical Colombian foods prepared mostly with pork meat.

73. Tómate algo: Mobile drink bars for events.

74. Ventolini: Restaurants directed and dedicated to the Colombian family with a portfolio of high-quality products.

75. WSI: Experts in Digital Marketing.

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