8 Questions before to open a business

Posted on 25/04/2019

Starting a new business is a dream for many people and surely you have asked yourself, when is the ideal moment to start a life as an independent entrepreneur? Find here 8 questions before opening a business.


1. Can I be an independent entrepreneur?

You can have an innovating and creative idea, have the economic potential to carry it out, or the customers who will buy your products, but this will not work if your qualities are not adequate to convert yourself into an independent entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur must have a leadership and teamwork profile. Know here the qualities of a successful entrepreneur.


2. Do I need partners?

Planning the future expenses to start the business is fundamental. Keep in mind the expenses for the first months and analyze if you need support from investors or partners to cover these expenses.

In the case you start your business in society, you must get along with the partners and also make sure they have the necessary capacities for the entrepreneurship. Read here the tips to buy a business in society..

Invest in a functioning business. Enter here


3. Can my product be salable?

Before opening a business you must check if there is an interest for the product in the market. It is essential to dedicate yourself to an industry sector that is not completely filled by competitors.


4. How is my target audience?

Define your audience target and the profile of customers who may be interested in your product or service. In this way, it will be easier for you to plan your sales strategy taking into account who has been targeted.


5. And my suppliers?

It is essential that you know your suppliers, the prices and all the necessary purchasing conditions for the acquisition of all the raw materials required for the production of your product. Even if your business is a specialized service, you will need office supplies or other supplies.

Also, you can invest in a successful franchise.


6. Where can I open my business?

The location is essential for your business to be successful, you must find a place that is easily accessible to your customers and where competition is minimal. You must take into account the locating expenses, such as public services, rent, etc. Read here how to choose the ideal place for your business.


7. Have I already defined the sale prices?

Knowing the production costs, the profile of your target audience and the geographical location of your business, you will have to establish and standardize the sale prices of your products or services.


8. Do I need staff?

Depending on the type of business you want to start up, you will need the collaboration or hiring of employees. Make sure that these collaborators are willing to work for the business. Learn here How to create a good team in your business?.



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