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Posted on 09/05/2019

Are you one of the Colombians who want to start your own business as an independent? There are different options to take the first step, but keep in mind, the success of a great business equal in the quality and service you offer your customers. The quality of a product guarantees a happy customer and a greater recognition of your business.


This quality is achieved with the appropriate raw material for the manufacture of the product and with the knowledge and experience of the sector, acquired during the passage of time.


But you do not have to dedicate yourself to searching for the best raw materials to manufacture and sell a product, on this article we want to talk about the option of becoming a distributor of a brand with great international recognition that guarantees a high-quality product.


Know here other options to start your entrepreneurship, like the freanchises.


Menabo, is an Italian company since 1972 is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of accessories for automobiles. Thanks to the wide experience and quality in the products has achieved to position itself as one of the most competitive European companies in the sector, including markets as Canada and the United States, and venturing into Latin America three years ago in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and Peru.


In Colombia, Menabo arrived two of years ago through the company TechTex with the sale of products for automobiles as luggage carriers, roof racks, bicycle racks, roof racks among others, achieving for the city of Bogotá, a distribution alliance in the Car Center of the Sodimac.

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The Commercial Director of Menabo for Latin America affirms, "The idea of the brand is to achieve a position in the next 3 or 4 years as one of the three main brands of accessories for automobiles in Latin America" for this Menabo purpose to expand horizons and find strategic allies who want to distribute their product in all regions of the country.


Becoming a Menabo distributor, you will market high quality auto accessories, 100% made in Italy, combine aluminum and nylon to achieve three great characteristics and a product attractive to the customer, safety, design, and aerodynamics. They also have international safety certifications such as ISO / PAS 11154: 2006, DIN 75302, XP R18-904.


"We are searching for investors who want to grow with the brand, not necessarily experts in the car segment, but with a great business sense," says Juan Carlos Yepes, Commercial Director of the brand in Colombia.


The investors who want to distribute Menabo products, can make investments from COP $8.000.000 and receive a return that will depend on the level of the entrepreneur, categorized in Silver, Gold, and Platinum.


Without a doubt, it is a great possibility to start your own business. Enter here and know more.



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