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Expand your business in the market with the help of experts

Posted on 27/12/2018

Having experts who advise you and understand the strengths and needs of your company, will be a key element when it comes to grow and position your brand.


Having a great idea is essential for starting a business, however it is not the only important thing, there are many things more that you must take into account so that your organization can reach success. Therefore, it is important to surround yourself with expert personnel, who can help you answer any questions and give you tools to make your objectives come to reality.

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Is it a good idea to be a franchisor?

This is one of the most used options by brands to grow and position themselves in the market, although there are several things that you must take into account before making that important decision.


Lid Amalec Acosta, partner of the company PubliCapital, with more than 14 years of experience, based in Bogotá and with support throughout Colombia, is dedicated to advise and structure business models and/or franchises, also to the expansion, marketing and location of points of sale. She ensures that the first thing you must do as an entrepreneur is to answer these four questions:


1. Is your business successful? Why is it so?

2. Do you have a know-how?

3. Do you have at least 3 proven markets and/or what time do you have on the market?

4. Will you create it from the scratch to be a franchise?


After answering these questions and knowing if you are ready to take this path, it is essential to have the support of professionals who reinforce each area of your company and who know clearly the process to take you to the big step which is: offering franchises, obtaining success, and not only in the commercialization but also in the profitability of each one of your points of sale.


InPubliCapital you will find the accompaniment to expand your brand. The company is expert in the business structuring, the location of sales points and the marketing of franchises.


These are the key points to start in the world of franchising and where PubliCapital can advise you:


- Organization and business structure: a commercial model, manuals, financial structuring, presentation for commercialization, guild studies and franchise contract evaluation are taken into account.

- Sell or market your franchise point: after the organization and structuring, a consultant will support you by making a marketing plan and adapting the business model.

- Location for the points or franchises: it is one of the key points, you must study the market to install the new businesses of the franchisees according to the technical requests and of the cities where the presence of the brand is required.


Strategic partners

In the business world, it is always important to have a backing plan, PubliCapital has national and international partners for your brand expansion such as Tratocontrato and Fanyf in Colombia, Rempresa in Chile, and Expansión Franquicia in Peru


How good is it to invest in a franchise?

Just as there are people with the desire to convert his/her company into a franchise, there are others who want to invest in one of them. Lid Amalec Acosta of PubliCapital, advises that before taking this great decision the following recommendations should be taken into account:

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• Analyze if you want to follow the guidelines of a brand.

• Verify that you have a feeling with the philosophy, products, and services offered by the company.

• Accept the accompaniment of the franchise


Lid, also ensures that it is necessary to commit to the project, work hard and remember that obtaining a franchise minimizes risk, but does not guarantee success.


It is important a good advice to make the best decision when investing, and choose the correct location of the point of sale, setting it up in a place where the product or service is essential.


Like other business models, franchises require time to fit into the market, usually not less than two years. So investors must be constant and patient, and the results will come!


PubliCapital accompanies entrepreneurs who want to convert their brand into a franchise and also provides advice to investors interested in obtaining one. Allow experts guide you in expanding your brand successfully.


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