Fitness Business. The Boom!

Posted on 21/05/2019

The stress and the accumulation of daily tasks are some of the reasons that generate some physical ailments today; diseases that are linked to the accelerated life of big cities.


But not everything is bad news, finding solutions to these ailments has become the purpose of many people and has opened a new business market that grows every day.


New businesses related to wellness and health have emerged, you can find yoga classrooms, gyms, healthy eating places and everything related to the fitness market.

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The fitness market is an industry in constant growth, in addition, shows how the Colombian society is becoming aware of their habits and has begun to invest in their own wellness.


Starting a fitness business carries great benefits but also great sacrifices.


The sacrifices are based on the schedules, since you must provide sufficient flexibility to your customers, you must take into account the work schedules and/or educational, you must open your business very early and possibly close very late at night.

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However, the benefits are really generous. The statistical firm Raddar, specialized in evaluating the behavior of Colombian consumers, affirms that the intention of Colombians to invest in physical activities of this type increases year after year.


The monthly fee that you can charge for the participation and exercise in your business, will depend on the services you offer, the space and the geographical location of the business.


There are numerous strategies you can use to attract new customers to your fitness business, for example, to offer a free class allows the customer to understand the conditions of the place and all the elements that affect their decision. On average, 90% of people who receive a free class, decide to acquire a membership

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Another strong strategy is the rumba classes where the dance is combined with a physical activity that help you to tone different muscles.


You must take into account the elements you need to achieve a successful business, the machines, the elements and the teachers or coaches are vital to achieving a fitness business that meets the expectations of customers.

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