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Posted on 15/02/2019

In the last 5 or 10 years, the franchise model has evolved in Colombia and in other Latin-American countries. Before, everyone thought this model was only for big corporations or was an exclusive model for fast foods.


Today this is history. Especially in Colombia, the franchises are a great alternative for the expansion of a business.

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Companies of all sizes and sectors have decided to bet on the expansion by creating franchises. But what are happening to them? Why are they excited about this business model? Has the experience and the results been successful?


Answer these and other questions and also know the basics of the franchise model and the reasons for its success, in our second conference on franchises next February 27th, How to expand your business through franchising?, Register here it’s free.

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Maybe one of the first ideas on your mind, when you have a successful business model is growing. How to grow? How can you replicate? How do you transfer the know-how of your company? And How to do it with the lowest risk possible? This is a positive thought and it can have a “happy ending"


But to achieve it without investing is a thought that can have a negative and unfortunate end.

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You must know how you are going to achieve expansion in a consistent, profitable, appropriate and sustainable way.


So, before executing the idea of franchising, the following values should be planned.

• A Registered Brand

• A proven Know -how (Manuals with the information)

• Corporate Marketing

• Constant and consistent support and training

• Standardized Administrative and Operational Concepts


These values will be detailed in our conference by experts on the topic. If you cannot attend, you can watch the live broadcast on our YouTube channel, subscribe here.


We often see franchises, especially in our region, that do not meet at least one of these requirements that are the basic, and unfortunately it is because we have not invested the necessary resources (time and money), so we want to invite you and see more detail of all the necessary aspects to grow and expand your business. Sign up now !!!



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