Profitable businesses to start in 2019

Posted on 30/10/2018

The end of 2018 is beginning and many people are already thinking about the new year and the opportunities it may bring.


In this article we want to recommend you some of the most profitable businesses in Colombia and which are projected as the best for 2019.


If you plan to start your own business, or buy one that is already running, look for the opportunity to invest in:


1. Food businesses: ood is a necessity, therefore it will always be among the most attractive market sectors. The good thing about this, is that the public is always willing to try new flavors. Keep in mind, comply with all the requirements of law to maintain a food business. Find here the best restaurants and food businesses for sale.


2. Coffee-based businesses: As a major Colombian coffee producer, Colombia has also reinforced its the transportation and its internal marketing of coffee, which makes it possible to offer a great product. In each neighborhood of the country there are cafeterias or coffee franchises that are projected with a great growth for 2019.


3. Clothing business: Whether from a small store, online store or through social networks, the sale of clothing and accessories is a business that is well projected for 2019 with the intention of exploiting the market. With foreign production or Colombian labor, buy a clothing or a clothing accessories business here.


4. Franchises: This business model has grown over the last few years with an unexpected percentage, the guarantee of acquiring a proven business, the incursion of foreign brands into the country and the diversity of products and services that you can offer make this one of the the least risky ways to invest your money. Learn more about franchises in Colombia


5. Beauty businesses: They are one of the type of businesses that does not go down year after year. It is not only about beauty salons and hairdressers but also about spa and relaxation centers. This is thanks to the Colombian culture inclined to personal care, especially among women.


CAny type of business can be profitable, it is essential that you carry out an adequate investigation on the sector that interests you, the competition and the location that you want, in this way you will reduce the percentage of risk.


The most important thing when starting your own business is that you perform tasks that you are passionate about. Know the key things you must do before entrepreneuring here.




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