Purchase and sale of businesses in Bogotá

Posted on 30/05/2019

The purchasing and selling of businesses in Bogotá is a market in constantly growing. More than 17.000 business are sold each year.


There are different reasons to sell a business, such as time, health problems, trips or locations, many entrepreneurs from Bogotá decide to get out of the way and to sell their businesses.


The supermarkets, bakeries, stationaries, beauty salons and restaurants are the most common business categories to buy and sell. However, the entrepreneurs must face some problems in this buying and/or selling.


For a seller is difficult to establish a just price to sell the business since there are personal feelings involved. It is not easy to get rid of part of a dream that has been worked for quite some time.


Some sellers commit the error to assign an economic value to these feelings. This inflates the sale costs, and difficult it.

REad here how to assign an exact price to sell a business


For the buyer, it is difficult to identify which businesses are for sale and it is not easy to find an organized offer of these businesses. Find here a list of businesses for sale in Bogotá.


Also, there is the difficulty to contact the buyer and seller. In, the specialized website in promoting the purchase and sale of businesses, you can search and find the ideal business for you and contact the seller to start the negotiation.


In the last year in Bogota, businesses were sold for a value of COP 760 billion, this means that the movement is high. With businesses that range from COP 5 million, such as stationaries, to entire factories and companies that surround the billionfigure.


Although, the entrepreneurship and the start-up of new businesses, are also in growth; buying a business in operation is an option that facilitates some stages of maturity of the business and guarantees certain benefits. Know these benefits here.


Also, there is the possibility of acquiring a franchise, a business model that is popular nowadays and that offers great results, profitability, and stability. Learn more here.

Find in, the best franchises for sale



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