Tips on how to buy a franchise

Posted on 11/04/2019

Buying or acquiring a franchise can be a profitable way to have your own business.


Don't forget, one franchise is a business model that has been very successful over the previous years in the country, thanks to the stability and recognition offered. Know more about this model here.


On this occasion, we want to invite you to participate in our new specialized conference about franchises “Tips on how to buy a franchise”. We will talk about the best practices to choose and negotiate a franchise contract.

Find here the best franchises in Colombia


In Colombia, you can find franchises from $10.000.000 COP, these franchises are named micro-franchises, or you can find great brands from hundred thousands of USD./font>


Although the cost of investment is for some people the most important aspect when choosing a brand to franchise, there are other elements that are very important in terms of having a successful franchise.

Read here How to earn money with a successful franchise


The support, the location, the royalty percentages, the history of the company, the experience of other franchisees, the time of the contract and the direct competitors are some of the most relevant and influential aspects in the acquisition of a franchise.


To know more from each one of these aspects, we invite you to assist on April 26th to the conference “Tips on how to buy a franchise” in "Casa Editorial El Tiempo" in Bogotá. Sign up here and reserve your place.


Know here what the types of franchises existing in Colombia are, and acquire one here.


In Tratocontrato we offer different specialized conferences in franchises and investments, with the intention to offer the knowledge to the interested entrepreneurs and investors.


If you have not assisted to our conferences, you can see them on our Youtube Channel and learn more information. The "Tips to buy a franchise" conference on April 26th also will be transmitted online to the people that cannot assist personally. Subscribe here.



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