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Being an Entrepreneur after being 40, is it possible?

Posted on 02/04/2019

In recent times a paradigm has been created in society, this paradigm relates success to age, believing that business success is only for people below 35 years old and unfortunately many people end up being persuaded by society and resign their dreams of entrepreneurship and business overcoming.


But it should not be like that. First of all, it is necessary to clarify that any person at any time of his/her life is qualified to start his/her own project of entrepreneurship, in addition the years mean experience and this is a benefit when managing a business.

Read here Is there an age to start a business?


There are several options for people who think it is time to become independent. Buying a running business or acquiring a franchise are the most tempting alternatives since the business functionality is guaranteed; This will facilitate the tasks of the entrepreneur who will be dedicated solely to manage the business operation.


Buy a running business here, or acquire one of the most profitable franchises in Colombia here.


Know here the qualities of a successful entrepreneur. These are qualities that anyone can develop. However, before choosing any business, keep in mind:


• Identify which is the area where you have worked for a longer time. Or remember which has been the area where you received more compliments.


• After all the gained experience, question yourself: What do you know best? What knowledge did you acquire during the time? And what are you willing to learn?


The digital age helps to strengthen the idea that those over 40 do not meet the requirements to survive in the current business world, but on the contrary, the expertise acquired during the time added to these technological aids can result in big projects.


It is important that you forget the idea that entrepreneurship is only for young people, there are a number of tools that help you build your own entrepreneurial dream. In Tratocontrato, you can find the best advisors and experts that will help and accompany you in the legal and structural process of your new business (Enter here).


On the other side, there are corporations and entities that support entrepreneurship in the country, and that support economically people who do not have the necessary resources to take the first step in this business world. Read this article and know some of the entities that can finance your entrepreneurship project.



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