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10,201 companies have been created during the quarantine in Bogotá and the region

Posted on 11/06/2020

According to the Bogota Chamber of Commerce (CCB), in the capital and the region there are a total of 834,582 active companies with a cut as of May 31, which consolidates it as the country's business center.

Of this total, 765,985 are micro-enterprises, 49,090 are small, 14,157 are medium-sized and 5,350 are large.

New companies in the midst of quarantine

Despite the quarantine, business activity does not stop. Only between March 20 and May 31, 10,201 companies were created, of which: 10,106 are micro, 76 small, 11 medium and 8 large.

Regarding its location, Suba was the place where the most productive units were created during the quarantine with 1,313 companies and commercial establishments, followed by Kennedy with 1,218 and Engativá with 1,038.

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Juan David Castaño, vice president of business strengthening at the CCB, assures that formalizing and keeping your business up-to-date is the best way to grow and open new business opportunities, since being legal makes you visible in the market, makes it easier for you to access credit and allows you to access a series of benefits and reliefs in tax, credit and payroll subsidy, among others.

Company sectors

In the wholesale and retail trade is where companies and establishments have been created the most in the last months (3,572), where most have been wholesale and retail trade of agricultural products (fruits and vegetables), followed by shops, drugstores, and vehicle maintenance and repair.

The manufacturing industry follows, with 1,123 production units created from activities such as clothing, bakeries and furniture manufacturing.

Food retail activities also registered a significant number of companies and establishments created with a total of 1,005.

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How to create a company?

If you are going to create a company in Bogotá you can do it through the CCB website, in the ‘create company’ option.

There you can receive virtual advice where they will guide you throughout the process.

Find advisers here

For Simplified Stock Companies, registration can be done using digital signatures and for other types of companies, filing and payment are made by the virtual headquarters.

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