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Commerce and businesses must strengthen the digital customer experience

Posted on 08/07/2020

How do you expect to share discounts on your products if you don't know how to reach your audience? For this reason, in Tratocontrato we gather these tips so that you can take advantage of the discounts that you can offer in your undertaking or business.


Well structured inbound marketing and how to attract your customers

It is essential to think about "inbound marketing campaigns that will facilitate the sale closing processes, since users express their specific interest in web searches, which are conducted by the tool to specific businesses," says Tatiana Gonzalez, CEO of People Media.

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The digital guideline is also important. There is nothing better than finding deals and discounts in an accessible and understandable way on the web. Thus, your customers will be able to decide which is the best option when purchasing a product or service.


Inject strength into e-commerce

Check your website or social networks where you expose your products. Your customers will want to find a platform or catalog with products, discounts and shopping opportunities that can be found, shared and purchased.

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In addition to having a plan to deal with an increase in visits, as on similar occasions a day without VAT, you should previously identify the most common products or interests of your potential buyers to strengthen your strategies.


Gonzalez advises “not only to take care that the advertising messages are adequate and attractive, but that when people click on them they have a positive experience; an e-commerce with quality photos that allow us to appreciate the details of the products, clear information about the offer, delivery times, payment conditions and security in transactions ”.


Lean on metrics

Remember to constantly analyze your sales on a digital level, but also other aspects such as the most wanted products, the most viewed pages during the client's visit to your website and the origin of this.



Make your customers feel safe with online shopping

“The security of online purchases is one of the main concerns of Colombians, so it is important to ensure that there are no frauds in transactions by choosing recognized payment gateways that fit the needs of the business and the preferred form of payment. for customers ”, concludes the People Media expert.

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