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Posted on 11/08/2020

The second Virtual Fair for microenterprises in Colombia will be held on August 11 and 12, 2020, a free event organized by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce (CCB).


Thus, businessmen, entrepreneurs and interested parties will be able to learn about and share business solutions so that business growth continues, even in the midst of the pandemic.


Among the planned, it is expected to carry out 120 group activities, more than 470 individual consultancies, a round of financial solutions and a round of business contacts.


At least 2,500 businessmen and entrepreneurs are expected to participate.


"The fair will have four simultaneous spaces focused on recovering sales from the face-to-face channel and linking to the digital channel, meeting the legal and regulatory requirements for the proper functioning of the business, accessing financial resources and generating networks that support the business reality knowing the experience of other businessmen who have never given up ”, according to information from the CCB.


Sources and alternatives of financing, electronic invoicing, optimization of face-to-face sales, digital revolution, demands, processes, conditions and purchasing policies of important companies in the country are some of the topics to be discussed at the conferences.


Digital transformation as the main focus

Attendees at this event will also be able to gain insight into market behavior trends in the new normal, obtain practical marketing and sales tools to make the transformation that businesses need at this time a reality.


Some of the panelists of the meeting are experts from Google, HubSpot and Rappi in Colombia.


If you want to register, participate and find out about the programming of the second Virtual Fair for microenterprises of the CCB, click here.



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