Open an esthetic center

Do you want to open an esthetic center? Here we give you tips

Posted on 14/11/2019

You probably think that there are already many beauty centers in the city, but do not be discouraged, this type of business can always be profitable if you consider that there are many recurring clients.

If you are clear that you want to start your own business, your beauty salon, beauty center or spa, for example, this article is for you.

Here are some tips for you to start your project successfully.

1. Create a business plan

To start, it is important that you do a financial study and a market analysis, this is vital for any venture.

The plan includes having clarity about the mission, vision, services you will offer, the number of people you need to hire and the training they must have and the permits you must process for its operation.

Additionally, keep in mind the fixed and variable expenses that you will have, such as the rental of the premises, public services, salaries, inventory, advertising, etc. Also, contemplate the purchase of equipment and furniture, these vary according to the need of your business whether it is only nail salon, a beauty salon or a complete aesthetic center.

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2. Define your client

Although you expect to have different types of customers, it is necessary to define what your target audience will be, as this will allow you to understand their needs and focus your efforts on attracting such customers.

For this, keep in mind aspects such as: age, gender, socioeconomic status, among others.

3. Find the perfect place

Find a strategic location where your ideal client can easily arrive, that is visible and, preferably, in an area where competition from aesthetic centers is medium or low.

Also, look at the size, lighting and, of course, that the price does not go out of your budget.

4. Services and advertising

Prepare the list of the services you are going to offer and define its price. Also, think about the advertising you are going to do, keep in mind both the traditional and the digital.

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5. Staff and suppliers

Your employees will be an important part of your venture, since much of the success will depend on good customer service. Seeks to be trained personnel for the tasks they will perform, but also to be charismatic, friendly and efficient.

As for your suppliers, negotiate with several brands, as long as they offer you high quality products for an adequate price.

Tips if you are going to buy a business

If you do not want to start from scratch, it is possible to buy a beauty salon or an established beauty center. In this case you must analyze what you would change of the business, taking into account the conditions that you accepted in the purchase contract, for example, in terms of employees.


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