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Posted on 16/06/2020

If you are an entrepreneur and you have been affected by the pandemic, do not worry, hand in hand with the gradual economic reactivation in Colombia, comes the program "Juntos reactivando la actividad empresarial" of the Cámara de Comercio of Bogotá (CCB).

Seven axes emerge from this to support the sustainability challenges faced by companies and entrepreneurs in Colombia during the health emergency. It has no cost and is virtual, so you can do it from home.

The program expects to provide tools and advice to entrepreneurs, micro-businesses, and SMEs within one to two months. With this in mind, the main indicators of sales, productivity and customers of those who access these benefits will be strengthened.

"It is specially designed so that companies reactivate after the effects of the situation and achieve transformations in record time that will allow them to sustain jobs and generate income for families," said Nicolás Uribe Rueda, president of the Cámara de Comercio of Bogotá.


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The seven axes of the program are: support for new ventures, practical growth tools for micro-enterprises, process for reinventing businesses; innovation acceleration program; crisis management advisory councils; program of mergers and acquisitions of companies and the first Virtual Fair for micro-companies.

In addition, there will be three main accompaniments, the program for the reactivation of micro-enterprises, the reinvention program for businesses for SMEs and tools for entrepreneurship.

Find advice here consulting and tools for your company

With the help of consultants from the CCB, the businessman will receive information - among other things - on how to save the business; how to adapt to new conditions; business model restructuring; Advice to enter legal obligations such as electronic invoicing and the simple regime.

If you are interested, you can enter this link to start receiving the tools and advice of the “Juntos reactivando la actividad empresarial” program.


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