Sell business online

How to sell your business online

Posted on 12/05/2020

If you have a business but for different reasons or circumstances you want to sell it, you should know that there are several options.

You can do it in a traditional way such as with voice to voice or with a sign in the business or you can publish it through specialized web portals.

Selling business online

Publishing the sale of your business online is the best alternative today, as it brings multiple advantages:

  • The ads include pictures and / or video business.
  • Ads are more effective because specifications can put all the features, which makes those who see the ad are really interested.
  • Those interested can easily contact you.

Publish your business here

A specialized portal such as Trato Con Trato, which has the backing of the Casa Editorial El Tiempo, offers you three publication options:

Standard: it has a cost of $60,000 plus TAX. The publication is valid for 30 days and two photos can be uploaded.

Premium: for a value of $80,000 + TAX, you can expand the possibilities of highlighting your business. This package includes 60 days of publication, 5 photos and 1 video. In addition, your ad will appear 3 days in El Tiempo Classifieds with 10 words and your potential buyers will be able to contact you by phone for free.

Post your business here

Premium Gold: This package is offering more effective, since the ad will have greater visibility and publication is valid until you sell the business. It has a cost of $150,000 plus TAX, you can upload up to 10 photos and 1 video. In addition, your ad will run for 5 days in El Tiempo Classifieds with 15 words and potential buyers can contact you by phone for free.

Additional: Both the Premium and Premium Gold packages offer the possibility of highlighting the announcement in the results for an extra cost of $ 5,000 + TAX and / or highlighting the ad in the Business Home for an additional cost of $ 25,000 + TAX.

You can also publish your business directly in El Tiempo Classifieds, where they offer you a standard plan of $ 80,900 that includes 15 days at, 8 photos and 5 days in El Tiempo newspaper with a 10-word ad.


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