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How to start-up a pub? Follow these recommendations

Posted on 03/09/2019

If you want to start a business and have a pub in mind, you should know that this is a profitable option as long as you consider several aspects, including the option of buying a pub for sale instead of starting from scratch.

1. Know your budget

Make a plan where you consider your budget to know how you are going to organize and what has priority in your investment. The expenses that you must keep in mind are: the premises (whether you rent it or buy it), the decoration, the personnel, the supplies, the value of the public services and the procedures that you must do.

2. Choose a suitable location

This advice applies to any business. However, in the case of a pub it is important that you consult the use of the land that the place is allowed, since not all sectors are authorized for this commercial activity.

Once you have chosen an authorized place, make sure that the area is crowded and analyze if there are other similar establishments, these will be your direct competition.

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3. Define the type of business

While it is clear that you want a pub, you must define what type of pub it will be. It can be a restaurant-pub, with an extensive food menu; a cafeteria-type bar, where it offers some food, for example empanadas; or a night pub, where food is not served and the main thing is music.

This will determine the hours of operation, the personnel you need, the furniture and others.

4. Process the necessary documents

Keep in mind that there are several documents that you must have to put your pub into operation. According to the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, among them are: current commercial registration, Sayco & Acinpro certificate, a sanitary concept, land use certificate, safety certificate, price list, registration in the Single Tax Registry (RUT), Registration in the Tax Information Registry (RIT) and food handling certificate (if applicable).

Remember that you can also buy a pub for sale, it is likely that you have these documents and you should update them according to their validity and modify the corresponding ones.

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5. Hire trained staff

In this aspect the type of pub influences a lot, because the staff specifically changes whether there is a kitchen or not. However, it is important that you hire a bartender, so you could serve all kinds of drinks in the right way.

6. Choose the decoration

Pubs can have a specific theme and also attract a specific audience. For example, it can be focused on sports or aimed at young people or executives. According to what de you want, define the lighting, furniture, and even the music you will play.

The most important thing is that your customers feel comfortable at the store.


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