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Posted on 09/01/2020

Every day franchises take on more strength in the business world. However, being able to access one usually requires a large investment. But do not be discouraged, if what you want is to undertake and you have little money, low cost franchises are the ideal option for you.

What is a low cost franchise?

This type of franchise works like any other, but the difference lies in the value of the entrance fee and in the monthly payments that the franchisee must pay.

Additionally, although it does not apply in all cases, there are low-cost franchises that do not require the entrance fee, so the investment at the beginning is much smaller.

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Some advantages of low cost franchises

Apart from the fact that the initial investment is lower than in a traditional franchise, this type of business has other advantages:

• They require small premises or can operate from the franchisee's house.

• In some cases you will not need to buy any type of machinery.

• You don't need to have so many employees.

• It can be a business that runs online.

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How can you tell if it will be profitable?

Like other types of franchises, it is important that you analyze the company's trajectory, structure and operation. Also, choose a business that you like, so it will be much easier to manage and work on it.

We recommend that before making a decision you seek advice, especially for the legal issues of the franchise.

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Variety to choose from

According to the web elempleo.com, 50% of franchising brands belong to the low-cost franchise segment and are also present in all sectors. However, most are in sectors such as real estate, beauty, fashion and food.

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