Renowned Colombian companies seek entrepreneurs to innovate

Posted on 04/08/2020

An entrepreneur is a person who seeks independence and financial support through their own businesses and projects, taking advantage of their qualities and capacities in innovation and work commitment.


In fact, you will have until August 9 to register your proposal in Demoday Connect, a program dedicated to establishing connections between Colombian entrepreneurs and companies that seek that touch of innovation and collaboration.


Find here the best options to start your venture

With this program, participants will be able to present up to 10 proposals for ventures and researchers to companies such as EL TIEMPO Casa Editorial, Sura, Ecopetrol, Grupo Éxito, Enel Codensa, Grupo Zona Franca de Bogotá and Corona.


Keep in mind that the proposals must adjust to the strategic interests that each organization has previously defined.


This relationship is expected to become opportunities for optimizing processes, products and / or business models that are mutually beneficial for both parties.


What is Demoday Connect for?

The call is at the national level and is aimed mainly at Connect Bogotá member universities, entrepreneurs and technological development centers of the ecosystem.


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The aforementioned must propose proposals, prototypes and / or products with identified market potential or actual sales.


A co-creation opportunity

In this program, designed by the Connect Bogotá Region network, you will also receive feedback on implementation possibilities, training to make effective presentations and, of course, generate possible alliances with companies.


Don't waste time and participate in Demoday Connect! The closing of the call is on August 9.

Click here to learn about and apply to Demoday Connect.




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