Risks you assume when opening a restaurant

Posted on 24/09/2019

Your workload may be higher

Knowing and managing your entire business makes you aware of what happens in each corner of the establishment. Of course, the workload that you have will be much greater than that of the other employees, since you must be aware of all the activities and problems that occur in your restaurant. In addition, to make your business progress it is important that you print your mark on it and that you manage it with your eyes wide open.

Solution: as an owner you can strengthen yourself with contacts or courses that teach you about finance, suppliers, cooking, protocol, hygiene and quality standards.

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Sales will not be immediate

Do not be discouraged if sales do not go as you wish in principle. For each client, the brand has its stage of recognition, appropriation, consumption and disclosure. This is a risk that will always be latent, sales may vary by season or when competition increases. Therefore, you must have a contingency plan in case everything gets complicated.

Solution: be patient. That is one of the keys for your business to prosper, strengthen it with broadcast channels such as social networks or brochures. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to start making your restaurant known.

The recognition of the place takes time

You must be clear about what kind of food and experience you want to offer. It is not the same to open a restaurant where Colombian food is sold to one of international cuisine, just as you cannot compare a ‘food truck’, self-service or ‘buffet’. Think about the type of labor, clothing, implements and ingredients that you will have to get.

Your consumers may (or may not) remember your restaurant for the food you sell, as well as its interior and the attention they receive. A variety of elements can work as long as you have a particular focus, be it: gastronomy, mode of service, music, prices, etc.

It is also key to think about how you imagine the structure and interior of the restaurant, this will be an aspect that will largely distinguish your brand.

Solution: invest money in the aesthetics of the place. Share photos of the type of food you offer on your social networks and invite the place to be visited.

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The competition is intense.

The place where you open your food business will be decisive in its success. It is vital that you analyze all the options you find in your city. According to the concept, style and food you offer you must choose a place that is not full of restaurants, since the rent can be high and you will face a lot of competitors. The location also plays an important role when you think of the audience you want to reach, whether it's a youth audience (university area) or an adult audience (pink or commercial area).

Solution: before opening your business you must study the market and the area where you want to settle. This way you will know the trends and your possible competitors, as well as your audience.

In TratoConTrato you will find many options of established restaurants that you can take into account in case you want to have your own business. These risks are not for you to put aside the idea of ​​managing your restaurant, in fact, they help you prepare for your business to be as effective as you want. Visit this link where you will find restaurants for sale on our portal.


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