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Tips for your company to 'survive' the coronavirus

Posted on 15/07/2020

Periodic quarantines seem to be far from over, as the number of covid-19 infections is still not reaching its peak in Colombia.


In fact, MSMEs (micro, small and medium-sized companies) are the ones that can most feel the impact of the confinement and closure of some economic sectors.


Economic recovery may slow down, but that does not mean "throw in the towel." You must prepare to continue facing the months to come.


As long as there is no effective vaccine or treatment, analyze what is the best option for your business and opt for cooperation with other brands.


Find allies and gain strength in the crisis

The Page Executive brand shared four important recommendations so that your investment is not stagnant by the coronavirus and can resist while the pandemic passes.


Share and acquire knowledge of other ventures and companies that are going through a similar situation. Other entrepreneurs may have a different vision of the market and the possibilities to expand.


With this, you can also listen to the different experiences regarding common problems such as access to subsidies or capital. As well as the decrease in costs.


"Collaboration with other existing companies or multinationals and hiring the best talent through cooperation are key aspects that will allow them to stay current and not disappear," advises Paola Pulgarín, associate partner at Page Executive.


Also do not forget to have a roadmap and very present the resources that you have or that you may need in the future.


Get ready for possible internal transformations

If you want your business to continue growing and be more competitive, you may need to transform your business, production and distribution model in the midst of the crisis, the limitations and needs that arise.


Distribute your resources correctly and recruit the right staff

“Hiring the right people and addressing legislation and local talent shortages in high-demand areas can mean the difference between sinking or swimming. To attract and retain qualified local executives, SMEs must develop competitive compensation packages and benefits programs based on local norms and customs, "concludes Pulgarín.


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