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You can now sign up for the Bogotá entrepreneurship network

Posted on 26/08/2020

¿Would you like to connect with the world of ‘startups’ in Bogotá? This proposal, led by Invest in Bogotá, seeks that local entrepreneurs support themselves with accelerators, ‘investor angels’, ‘matchmaking’ platforms, ‘coworking’ spaces, among others.


Some of the strategic allies of the initiative are the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, the District Secretariat for Economic Development, Connect Bogotá, Andi del Futuro, Wayra and others.


According to Juan Gabriel Pérez, executive director of Invest in Bogotá, “this exercise will allow the city to carry out a much closer follow-up to its ventures and identify how, through the different incubators, accelerators or potential investors, we can strengthen our startups and ensure that they receive the necessary support so that they become dynamizers of the economy of the city and the country ”.


In addition, it is expected that it will be possible to characterize high-impact city enterprises and identify how they contribute to the solution of global problems.


Bogotá, an ideal ecosystem for entrepreneurship

Invest in Bogotá indicated that the Colombian capital has 16 incubators, 13 accelerators, about 40 'co-working' spaces and more than 10 'matchmaking' platforms between investors and entrepreneurs.


What are the benefits of being part of this proposal?

On the other hand, in Bogotá, entrepreneurs will find at least 28 risk investment funds and banks and 5 networks of ‘angel investors’ that actively participate in the processes of growth and dynamization of the ventures.


Also, did you know that the Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) pointed out, in its latest edition, that Bogotá is the second city in Latin America in the ranking of emerging entrepreneurship ecosystems?


Do not wait more. If you are an entrepreneur and have a proposal in the Bogotá Region, with high impact value and based on technology and innovation, it can be registered in the entrepreneurship network.


Are you interested? Fill out the following form and sign up:ñaEmprendimiento


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