Business Facts

  • Available investments:
    • $25.000.000
  • Category: Pets

  • Entry fee: $25.000.000

  • Royalty amount: $250.000

  • Year Established: 1987

  • Country of origin: Suecia

  • Training and support:

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Description of the franchise

HUSSE is a SWEDISH manufacturer of super premium high quality food for dogs and cats with shipping and marketing exclusively at home through its online store. The Brand, of Swedish origin, has more than 1,000 franchises and distributors throughout the world, and offers the interested party a complete business to entrepreneur, with a small investment and the delivery of the product directly to the house of its customers without additional expenses.



• Great quality of its products: by placing the order directly to the factory without going through distributors or retailers, Husse can offer its customers superior products.
• Shipping Home service which increases the competitiveness of the Brand: orders are delivered at home at competitive prices.
• Profitable sector. The pet food sector does not depend on the fluctuations of the global economy. Sales continue to increase equally in both smaller and larger markets.
• The magnitude of this success depends entirely on you. This approach as a franchise system has been effective for Husse for 30 years in each market, despite different cultures and consumer habits. 

• Profitable franchise within the pet sector. 
• Business with exclusive and high quality products.
• Growing and stable market throughout the year.
• Competitive price in the market.
• It is not necessary  to buy or lease a premise, it adapts well to small spaces.
• Annual growth of around 30% in 48 countries and more than 30 years in the market. It is also relatively new in Colombia with what entails, as a potential and as an investment for your knowledge.

We firmly believe that pets are part of our families and their health and wellness is very important.

HUSSE's approach is to understand the health needs of pets and provide recommendations to pet owners on what products to use. A key feature of Husse's offer is a delivery service exclusively at home without additional cost of the product to customers. HUSSE is the world leader in home delivery of pet food with the aim of ensuring customer satisfaction by offering excellent service and quality pet food at a price that offers excellent quality-price relation, which is also what makes them unique. The product is not sold through large department stores or impersonal retailers, but is offered directly to the owner of the pet.


HUSSE pet food is produced from its own Scandinavian recipe, continuously improved to ensure that the best absolute quality is obtained.

The corporate mission statement of HUSSE is simply "Animal welfare". To improve animal welfare, HUSSE produces quality food with care for the nature and specific needs for all animals. The team of veterinarians and experts in nutrition of HUSSE is continually testing the composition of foods to improve the quality and offers a nutritious and balanced diet to the consumer. HUSSE provides animal welfare certificates, ingredients guarantee, mycotoxins certificate and test guarantee for all its products.

In the European factory, HUSSE uses the most advanced methods of pet food production and high-tech machinery. The factory is certified according to ISO standards for the production of pet food and is regulated by the EU. Quality control is in place for each step of the production process, which allows HUSSE to verify the quality, consistency and nutritional value of their pet foods and supplements.

The ingredients used in HUSSE products come from animals that have been inspected by official veterinarians and considered suitable for human consumption. The quality, freshness and purity of the raw materials are controlled even more systematically in the laboratory of the production site. HUSSE products do not contain artificial flavors or artificial preservatives. Nor do the products contain soy, which is a common cause of allergic reactions and digestive problems in cats and dogs. Finally, the products are free of transgenic - and comply with Regulation (EC) No. 1829/2003 of the European Parliament.

The extruded methods in the production of dry pet food allow HUSSE to have a complete gelatinization of the starch, sterilize all the ingredients, eliminate anti-nutritional factors and inactivate the enzymes of decomposition without damaging the vitamins and the quality of the proteins. HUSSE produces complete pet food, which contains all the nutritional needs for a pet with different sizes of croquettes, which makes it suitable for different breeds and in all stages of the life of a dog and a cat.

  • Produced in Europe according to ISO 9001 standards
  • Without OMG
  • Human grade meat
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • On average, 90% digestible
  • Enriched with nutrients and nutraceutical components
  • Taste guarantee, with money back guarantee
  • For more information, visit our website