Franchise LA JABONERÍA Local in Colombia


Business Facts

  • Available investments:
    • $23.000.000
  • Category: Beauty, Aesthetics, Body health

  • Entry fee: $0

  • Entry fee: USD$0

  • Royalty amount: $0

  • Royalty amount: USD$0

  • Royalty percentage: 0%
  • Advertising percentage: 0%
  • Year Established: 2017

  • Country of origin: Colombia

  • Training and support:

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Description of the franchise

OUR ECHO: We offer an experience of wellness, personal care and harmony at home.

OUR MODEL: We design vintage-style stores, which generate confidence, resembling the grocery stores of the 40's, in which we sell our eco-friendly household cleaning products, soaps for personal care and scents for environments.

OUR FRANCHISE: We offer the franchise of our BUSINESS MODEL, through the turnkey method assembly of a store with the following characteristics:

  • Area required for the store: 20 m2 approximately.
  • Street sign.       
  • Interior furniture (Shelves and Counter).
  • Interior design of store.
  • Interior and exterior lighting.
  • Containers.
  • Merchandising elements (indoor and outdoor advertising, flyers, cards, promotional, packaging, olfactory marketing, etc.).
  • Sale Products (total product of opening and initial sale).
  • Training and advising.
  • Uniform for the clerk.

OUR SUPPORT: We have a team dedicated to the development of the following areas:

  • COMERCIAL : Sales strategies, training, monitoring and commercial support.
  • OPERATIONS: Shop design and assembly, product logistics, maintenance.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE: Hiring, legal framework, tax and administrative stores.
  • MARKETING AND MEDIA: Physical and digital advertising.

OUR PRICE: Because we believe in fair trade we develop a franchise with the following characteristics:

  • CANON DE ENTRADA: No se cobra.
  • ASSEMBLY VALUE: Included in the total value of the franchise.
  • ROYALTY: 2.5% charged upon the COST of sales and of digital advertising participation.
  • TOTAL PRICE: $ 23 Million (Includes all the elements described).


  • MARGEN BRUTO: 50% de rentabilidad Bruta sobre costo de compra.
  • GROSS MARGIN: 50% of gross return on purchase cost.
  • BREAKEVEN: According to store location variables.
  • BREAKEVEN TIME: 3 to 6 months.
  • NET MARGIN: 15% to 20% on sales in the estimated potential.
  • ROI TIME: 18 to 24 months.
  • INVESTMENT VALORIZATION: Between 30% and 50% per year (during our initial phase).